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Safe drinking water is essential to you and your family’s health. Impurities and unsafe contaminants are not at all uncommon in residential tap water.


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Aqua Right, LLC installs state-of-the-art water filtration systems for residential homes in the Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn areas.


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You should have high standards when it comes to the quality of the water you drink, wash dishes with, bathe in, and more.


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Stop telling yourself everything is OK with your WATER…You know it’s not. That’s why you buy bottled water!

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Accurate and Effective Residential Water Testing Services in the New York City Area

You Should Know What’s In Your Water!

You don’t have to guess about your water quality; with Aqua Right, LLC you can test it and know exactly how clean and safe your water is. There is a number of dangerous chemicals and contaminants that can sometimes be found in tap water. A simple and affordable test can let you know if there are any measures you should take to protect you and your family’s health. Some of the contaminants that we test for include:

  • Lead
  • Flouride
  • Chlorine
  • Bacteria
  • Pesticides
  • + More

Our company has served Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the surrounding areas with water quality services since 1988. We have the knowledge to provide you with information about the water quality in your local area. We focus on educating customers about the contents of their water and helping them find an effective filtration solution if necessary. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Get a Water Filtration System Customized For Your Home

There is a wide variety of water filtration systems available on the market. The different options include reverse-osmosis, activated carbon, ultraviolet, and many other types of filtration systems. We can assess your unique needs and provide a customized system that fits your budget. With the right water filtration system, you can eliminate issues such as:

  • Dangerous contaminants that can affect your health
  •  Water that tastes or smells unpleasant
  • Minerals that are hard on your skin, hair, and clothing
  • Plumbing issues caused by heavy metals and minerals
  • The need to purchase bottled water

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Charles Bennett Jr Avatar
Charles Bennett Jr
2/27/2020 - Google

I've been with Aqua Right for over 2 years. My family and I are very happy with the water... read more

Diana Voicu Avatar
Diana Voicu
2/20/2020 - Google

I needed a quick consultation for a home water filtration system issue and Lamar generously took the time to talk... read more

Arash Sadigh Avatar
Arash Sadigh
6/19/2019 - Google

5 Stars! Lamar and his team are excellent and professional! Very happy with our water filtration system. We are very... read more