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Aqua Right provides filtered and/or alkaline water to residents and businesses from Long Island's North Shore ...

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Get your free water testing for your home or business. Go to our form to request assistance from an Aqua Right representative.

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Aqua Right Filtrate

Filtration is the installation of a filter that removes toxins – like lead or chlorine – already in your existing water system even after your municipality has deemed it safe for home and business use. The Federal Government and State Government has minimum standards that deem water safe. However, due to aging water distribution pipes throughout the country (and even globally) the water we drink, bathe, wash dishes, etc. has government “acceptable” levels of toxins. You need a water filtration system to ensure the cleanest water for your use. Aqua Right systems work to remove toxins at the property owner’s point of service providing cleaner water for drinking, bathing, washing dishes, and even watering the lawn….

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Aqua Right Services

Aqua Right believes pure water is life. Our primary service involves the removal of toxins from water at its point of entry of a home, business, school, apartment complex, or other facility. We provide reverse-osmosis filtration services to individuals, store owners, as well as real estate owners in the form of direct sales of owning a full filtration system or the more cost-effective option of renting a full water filtration system. We also provide leasing opportunities for property owners to resell filtered water services to their tenants. As an added service, we educate our customers’ as to the latest news regarding harmful agents in our community’s water.

Requesting a service visit for a free water test for your home, business, school, housing development, etc. is your first step. Contact us  to set up an appointment.

As the Long Island Pine Barrens Society warns anything polluting our ground can pollute our region’s water supply since Long Island acquires is water from underground aquifers. What are the toxins that may be present in your water?

  • Inorganic metals and mineral toxins: Lead, asbestos fibers, nitrates, etc.
  • Radioactive Substances: Uranium, Radon.
  • Organic Chemicals: Pesticides, herbicides.
  • Microorganisms: Bacteria, viruses, cysts.
  • Additives: Chlorine, Ammonia.
  • Pharmaceutical and Illicit Drugs.

Customers who use our filtration services want to ensure the best quality water for their personal use and/or their customers’ use. They understand that our region (and nation’s) aging infrastructure contributes to toxins in our water supply and that federal/state standards of toxin levels allow for water to be sent to our homes and businesses that still contain toxins that cannot be removed given the age and condition of our underground pipes. Therefore, our customers take ownership to provide healthful water for their own homes and businesses. Be sure to take advantage of Aqua Right’s free water testing to determine your filtration needs. Remember to ask about our cost efficient rental options. With the rental option, you receive the same quality installation as with a direct purchase of an owned system. Contact us today.

Aqua Right Hydrate

If your body effectively uses water; than you are hydrated. Alkalinization is the processes of treating water so that the body’s cells are better able to absorb and utilize water to rid the body of waste and to improve bodily functions. So, essentially, changing the chemical balance of water to improve body function in much the same way that sports drinks do so but without the added sugar and added color since… it’s water. We can alkalize your drinking water so there would be no added need to invest in sports drink supplements or bottled water. Just carry your own water with you on your workout.

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What the Better Business Bureau Says

Our business works to clean and alkalize water as per the standards set forth within the Better Business Bureau’s recommendations. Our products remove inorganic and organic toxins including, but not limited to, lead, residue from fertilizers, pharmaceutical/other drugs, bacteria, natural and man-added chemicals, etc. We do not provide a “quick fix” or one-size-fits-all solution. We customize your filtration needs based on your assessed contaminants much like a dentist assesses individual patients for their dental needs. This is why our first step is to provide free-water testing.

“Water is the universal solvent. It picks up some of everything it touches. That’s why it cleans so efficiently. But when water is hardened by minerals from the ground, as it is in 85% of the United States, it can no longer clean as well. When drinking water is heavily chlorinated, as it is in many cities in order to control bacteria, it fails to have the clarity, aroma, or taste associated with quality water.” – BBB, Consumer Information Series, “Tips On… Water Quality Improvement”

Download this free PDF brochure from the Better Business Bureau on Water Quality Improvement to understand America’s water issues. Looks clean does not mean clean. You can clean your water at the point of entry of your home/business.

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My water is filtered and alkalinized but I was wondering who else uses Aqua Right? Can I recommend my dentist filter and alkalinized their water? What about my favorite area restaurant? What about my fitness gym? Who already uses Aqua Right services? At this point, I want to ensure water is the best quality wherever I go.

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