Long Island: New Restaurant Uses Filtered Water

wash vegetables in filtered water - Aqua Right

Full House Organic just opened its doors in Greenvale. It is always a good read when there’s a new healthful dinning option on Long Island. Yet, what stood out is their emphasis on using organic, non-GMO food, and also washing that food with filtered water, not tap water, as I read Long Island Newsday’s story on the new restaurant.

“In addition to all-organic ingredients, the water used for cooking and even washing vegetables is purified with reverse osmosis.”

No, they are not an Aqua Right client but we spend a great deal of time explaining to potential clients while it is wonderful many of you either grow your own produce or you purchase organic food, what are you undoing when you wash that food in unfiltered tap water or, worse yet, cook with it? Perhaps, the extra effort made by Full House Organic will elevate reverse-osmosis filtration, and make it more common place within area restaurants and homes.

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